Employers urged to allow flexible working setups 

A CONGRESSMAN on Tuesday urged employers to support work-from-home setups under the law, saying it allows workers to spend more time with family without affecting productivity. 

“With the release of the expanded rules for the telecommuting law, we hope that more employers will implement flexible working arrangement for their workers,” Rizal Rep. Juan Fidel Felipe F. Nograles said in a statement. “A happy worker is a productive worker.”  

“If we can provide our employees with the opportunity to spend more time with their families without hampering productivity, that’s a win for all sides,” said the lawmaker, who heads the House of Representatives labor committee. 

Mr. Nograles said hours lost to traffic is also money and productivity lost. “If more employers implement alternative workplace schemes, they could increase productivity and even help their employees cope with the rising cost of goods.” 

In September, the Labor department released the revised rules that will enforce the Telecommuting Act of 2018. The new rules were issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which forced most people to stay home. — Kyanna Angela Bulan