Embracing change in times of uncertainty

Life couldn’t be happier and the future brighter for Jordan Christopher Niu and his family until the COVID-19 pandemic came and cast a long shadow over everything. “At the start of the pandemic last year, everything seemed so uncertain,” Jordan relates. “It was a very stressful and anxious time for me as I tried to navigate my way through the pandemic. I needed to keep my mental health in check to adjust to staying home/working from home, not socializing and going out with friends. One of the biggest challenges for me was how to go about my work at Sun Life because most of my clients did not want to meet me face to face and even I myself was scared to go out to meet people.”


Armed and ready, Sun Life Philippines, the country’s leading and oldest life insurance company, faced up to the challenge. “We started doing business the digital way,” Jordan points out. “It was tough during the first few months as there were technical glitches here and fhere, and we were all new to this. But in time, it got way better.”

Jordan Christopher Niu, Palm, Macaulay Club Senior Vice President Qualifier

He elaborates, “One big challenge for me was learning the digitally-enabled processes of doing business, as introduced by Sun Life, from prospecting and selling to submitting the application, paying premiums and servicing our clients. It was difficult enough to close a sale in a face-to-face setting with a client, so I just couldn’t imagine how much more difficult it would be to close a sale while meeting over a Zoom or video call! It was a good thing some of our big clients were willing to meet with us at the beginning of the pandemic since they were also more comfortable discussing personally, but of course, we all had to observe the proper safety and health protocols.”


If there’s one lesson Jordan learned from this pandemic, it is that one needs to be resilient. He shares these tips, “As the pandemic continues to impact the financial aspect of our lives, you’ll need to plan and build your financial security, for yourself and your family. Save up more, build an emergency fund, trim your unnecessary expenses, invest part of your savings/excess funds whenever possible. Invest in Mutual Fund/Single Pay VUL (Variable Universal LIfe). Better yet, buy life insurance and health insurance since we don’t know when this pandemic will end.”

Most beneficial for families, Jordan recommends, are life insurance and health insurance. He specifies, “Breadwinners should be insured first to protect and replace lost income. I’d recommend the Maxilink Prime Regular Pay VUL product, as well as the Fit and Well products for critical illness protection. If they have excess money to invest, our Maxilink One Single Pay is a good product to invest in, specially for our high-networth clients. Aside from the potential appreciation/upside of the investment, there’s the additional 125-percent feature. The main advantage of this single pay product is that it’s estate tax-free, unlike mutual funds or traditional bank products.”


This global crisis, says Jordan, has taught us that the world is but a family and we all need to look after each other. “In our own little way, we tried to help whenever we could, mostly by giving financial assistance or sending medicines to friends who got infected with COVID-19 or donating to various cause-oriented groups. During the lockdowns, we continued to give salaries to our secretary and driver so that they had a means of livelihood even if they did not go to work.”

Even mothers and housewives can help augment the family income by embarking on online selling businesses, like selling food, clothes, health and beauty products, or joining sales networking groups.

In addition, Jordan suggests, “Of course, for me, the best is for them to join our company to promote and sell life insurance to help secure the future of more families.”

While taking care of his family, Jordan made sure he was also physically fit and healthy. However, he confesses, “With all the food deliveries around and as you were likely to eat more while quarantined at home, staying healthy during the pandemic was a challenge. I played tennis whenever I could and also ran in my elliptical trainer. It’s important to exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep, and to not stress yourself.”

Jordan can’t stress this enough: Embrace uncertainty. Plan ahead and be prepared. Don’t wait for the clouds to clear or the darkness to go away. For surely, tomorrow, the sun will shine.

Jordan Christopher Niu is a Senior Vice President Macaulay Club Qualifier.

For more information and inquiries, visit the Sun Life website at https://www.sunlife.com.ph/en/.

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